At last, some of the International Community is taking some action against Israel, not enough but a start.

Occupied Palestine | فلسطين

[ 26/05/2012 – 02:17 PM ]

CAIRO, (PIC)– The general assembly of the World Health Organization (WHO) on Friday adopted unanimously a draft resolution submitted by Arab countries including Saudi Arabia condemning the Israeli blockade on the Gaza Strip.

The assembly approved the resolution with 56 votes in favor, six against, 48 abstentions and 72 absent.

The resolution called on the Israeli occupation authority to immediately end the closure it is imposing on the occupied Palestinian territories especially at Gaza crossings, which caused a serious shortage of vital medical needs, and to reverse its policies that led to the deterioration of the health conditions of Palestinians and rendered many of them dead.

The resolution also demanded Israel to end its restrictions on the movement of medical personnel, vehicles, and patients and to enable them to reach health institutions in occupied Jerusalem and outside it.

WHO called for improving the health…

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