But this all begs the que…

But this all begs the question, is the UK media fit for purpose? Let’s face it some publications can be ever so slightly biased.

There is a superb ad for the ‘Guardian’ out there at the moment, forming a part of its open journalism campaign. See: ‘Guardian’ open journalism: Three Little Pigs advert – video .

The ad takes a news story, in this case the arrest of three little pigs, who are accused of killing a wolf that they claimed tried to blow their house down. And the ad focuses on different aspects of the story: the rights of owners to protect their home, the revelation that the wolf had asthma, and thus could not possibly have posed a threat, and the further revelation that the pigs were in fact instigating an insurance fraud, and finally that they were driven to desperation by the unreasonable behaviour of their bank.

Alas, the ad tells a story about the media, which may or may not be appropriate when applied to the ‘Guardian’, but it is far from an accurate portrayal of the wider media.

The purpose of good media should be to inform, illuminate ideas and stimulate the mind. For much of the UK’s media, the priority seems to be to promote hate, exaggerate bias, aggravate intolerance and to titillate our baser instincts.

An article from the Share Centre about the UK’s media. 

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