Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority

When I worked for Greater Manchester Waste, some of my colleagues bumped into Stephen Jenkinson, the Chair of GMWaste.  They saw him with a computer animation of what was supposed to be Bolton Thermal Recovery Facility (waste incinerator).  They had to point out to him, that their were no roller-shutter doors to the tipping hall, as shown in the computer animation.  In fact, in the seven years I worked there, I like many others on site, never saw Stephen Jenkinson, it did not know what was going on, at the incinerator.

When Viridor were in the process off, taking over GMWaste, I did alert them to some of the problems on site, and even warned them they were taking over a poisoned chalice.  The incinerator, was an out-dated design when it was built, about 1978/9.  It had been badly maintained and still was.  During bidding for the GMWaste, SITA had sent consultants to look at replacing the incinerator with a new conbuster.  This is something that should of been done, when the boiler and turbine were built in 1999/2000.  Something, I pointed out to Viridor, and the fact a survey carried out by their contractors, was inaccurate in several places.  One, of which was these mysterious roller-shutter doors to the tipping hall, which did not exist.  The point of having roller-shutter doors is to contain the odours and dust, so should only be open when a vehicle is entering or leaving.

Both Stephen Jenkinson and Neil Swannick, both showed a lack of leadership which of course resulted in the infamous fridge/freezer mountains fiasco, clowns the pair of them.  And what did Stephen Jenkinson managed to do, get a position in the GMWDA group which is supposed to oversee Viridor.  Something akin to, the poacher turning gamekeeper. The PFI was contested by Sita: Sita (who have decades of experience of operating incinerators) recognised the incinerator needed replacing, as it should have been in 1998/1999. Viridor were informed of the problems there, but ignored my advice, that the plants was mismanaged:

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