Final Words on Sharon By Miko Peled

Some truths about Ariel Sharon.

Miko Peled

Sharon pic

Ariel Sharon, visit to the Temple Mount, October, 2000

I never understood how people could rejoice at the news of a person’s death. I happened to be in the UK when Margaret Thatcher died so I witnessed the celebrations. The expressions of joy as the news of the Iron Lady’s death spread around the country shocked me at first, as people were actually throwing parties to celebrate her death. As I visited different parts of the country, particularly Wales and Ireland, it occurred to me that when Ariel Sharon dies we may see similar outbursts of joy taking place.

Sharon has been in a coma since January 2006 when he suffered several brain hemorrhages that left him in a vegetative state. But now there is news that his kidneys are failing and concerns are expressed in Israel that there is a chance he will die soon.

One can imagine the…

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Sparking Urban Renewal: Inclusivity and Innovation, Part II | Sustainable Cities Collective

An article showing how a City can be improve with the full consultation of the local communities and not just some tokenism.  Also the is a lesson here for Manchester City Council, not only have proper local community consultations but also the investment in public amenities, such as parks, libraries, etc.  Also the need for an integrated transport system, something Manchester City does not have.  The Metro system has only disintegrated the local transport system and the privatised buses no longer run in some areas after peak times.  Manchester City Council has not learnt from it’s past failures, always blaming it on others.  A robust city can cope with changing economic environments, one built on hype will never survive, just as the former inhabitants of the Easter Islands:

Some background information about Iain Duncan Smith, somebody who seems intent in taking Britain back to the Edwardian period.

Edinburgh Eye

Iain Duncan SmithA universal welfare state is the essential bedrock of a civilised country. A civilised country ensures that no one goes without healthcare because they can’t afford it, no one is treated as if worthless because they cannot work, and that anyone who loses their job needn’t fear destitution for themselves or for their family if they don’t find another job instantly. A civilised country ensures that no one needs to work when they are too young or too old or too disabled or too ill. This is not a system that can be replaced by random acts of charity: to become civilised, we pay taxes and national insurance and we all benefit.

Iain Duncan Smith became Secretary of State for Work and Pensions in May 2010 – a role he has held ever since, despite efforts by David Cameron to unseat him in the 2012 reshuffle. He has

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Police urged to investigate fraud allegations against Osborne

Whilst our politicians and media keep persecuting the less unfortunate in our society.  Our politicians themselves keep flaunting the law and enriching themselves at the expense of us.  It was time there was a full and determined investigation of all our politicians.  After our MPs, then Manchester City Councillors.

Police urged to investigate fraud allegations against Osborne.