Unfortunately in the case of Manchester, the council keeps experimenting with demolishing perfectly sound council properties to build ‘homes-to-buy’, no one can afford to buy. This has uprooted communities across the City and fragmenting them. The new build ‘homes-to-buy’, are very shoddily built and energy inefficient. And the council trumpets it’s ‘Manchester – A Certain Future’, nothing has really moved on since 2009. Unlike Nottingham and the East Midlands who implemented their plans in 2000; http://www.climate-em.org.uk/projects/east-midlands-carbon-management-programme/

Inside track

City Scape

Chris Guenther, research director at SustainAbility, argues that cities offer the best hope for rapidly developing and replicating sustainability solutions.

A longer version of this article will appear in the spring issue of Green Alliance’s journal Inside Track

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