The sheer bloody lunacy of RTB and welfare reform (sic) – They cost the taxpayer MORE

The UK is becoming another Edwardian Britain, as depicted in Robert Tressell’s The_Ragged-Trousered_Philanthropists.  Unfortunately, Labour are just as much to blame, as they never overturned Conservative policies concerning council housing, during their 13 years in Government.  In fact, Labour controlled councils, like Manchester City Council, were happy to rid themselves of council housing.  They demolished hundreds, just so, ‘homes-to-buy’ could be built, resulting in many being put up for private rent.  We have over 5,000 empty dwellings in Manchester, with a long waiting list for social housing.

The sheer bloody lunacy of RTB and welfare reform (sic) – They cost the taxpayer MORE.

Professor Wessely: Knocking the Docs & Overstepping the Mark

Patrick Sudlow:

Vested interests who are trying to influence our benefit system!

Originally posted on downwithallthat:

I feel that my last post ended on a somewhat cryptic note  regarding Professor Wessely, and that I need to support the claim I made about the  undermining of physical medical authority within his ‘doctrine’. This I feel I have previously done to an certain degree with regard to Professor Aylward and his colleagues (here and here), though the potential certainly exists for more to be highlighted.

An insight into what could be termed the ‘under-the-radar‘ approach to undermining the integrity of medical personnel, such as GPs, is provided by Professor Wessely’s article for Unum’s Annual Chief Medical Officer’s Report 2007 entitled “Why and When do Doctors Collude With Patients?” (The CMO for this publication was Michael O’Donnell, now occupying the same role with Atos Healthcare.)

Subtle But Significant

This notion may seem to be introduced with apparent goodwill, even humour, but the important fact…

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The Tory plan to hit 515,000 social housing pensioners with the bedroom tax

Patrick Sudlow:

Can things get any worse for the poorer members of England’s society

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Today the Daily Telegraph ran an article about the bedroom tax.  The link is here and is a must read. They even called it the ‘bedroom tax’ and this is as serious as it gets for ALL pensioners and for all social landlords.

DO NOT think this is just the mixed-age pensioner couples being hit by the bedroom tax as is well known to be the policy under Universal Credit, this Tory plan in the Daily Torygraph is not about the 70 – 90,000 estimated to be mixed-age pensioner couples, this is about the bedroom tax being applied to 515,000 pensioners who under occupy in social housing.

Let me say that again this plan, the Tory plan is to hit 514,800 pensioners with the bedroom tax.

To explain and to prove that huge figure is simple and is not hyperbole or scaremongering or anything else from me at all…

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What is the difference for benefit claimants between a sanction, a disallowance and a suspension of benefits?

Patrick Sudlow:

So people who are in need of benefits, get them stopped, if there is any doubt, to stop over-payments? The same as sanctioning someone, who is out of work and needs benefits? This is just causing more deprivation amongst the already deprived. Whilst the rich, avoid and/or evade paying their fair share of tax!

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At times it is easy to get confused about what a Benefit Sanction is compared to a Disallowance of Benefits or  Supsension of Benefits. Today the DWP responded to an FOI request thus:

What is the difference for benefit claimants between a sanction, a disallowance and a suspension of benefits?

How does each of these actions affect entitlement to Housing Benefit on grounds of low or nil income?

Sanction: This has the effect of either reducing benefit or terminating entitlement to benefit consequent on a claimant taking or failing to take action contrary to commitments entered into both when claiming a relevant benefit and as amended during the award: eg. not applying for work, or refusing to attend a training course when in receipt of Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) or Employment and Support Allowance (ESA).

Disallowance: This applies where a claim for benefit does not meet the conditions of entitlement for the benefit claimed –…

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The unlawful bedroom tax actions of LB Bexley – Naming and Shaming deserved!!

Patrick Sudlow:

How many councils have been acting unlawfully?

Originally posted on SPeye Joe (Welfarewrites):

After the Upper Tribunal handed down its judgment in the Fife cases I reported on a winning First-tier Tribunal case in the London Borough of Bexley

You may recall I opened that post with:

A First-tier Tribunal has ruled a disputed room of 6.31 square metres – 67.93 square feet – is not a bedroom and very interestingly this is AFTER the Fife Upper Tribunal ruling AND the DWP will have one hell of a job overturning this at appeal.

I later included a reference to the Nearly Legal blog of Giles Peaker which agreed with my view that the decision is a correct and factual one and is unappealable and that can be read here

So, we have a tenant who has had a bedroom tax deduction wrongly applied since April 2013 and the council, the London Borough of Bexley like all councils simply took the landlords (London &…

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Work to avoid the benefit cap and we will sanction you says DWP!!!

Patrick Sudlow:

Instead of raising the minimum wage to a liveable wage and increase the number of council homes. The UK Government feels fit to punish those who are being paid a pittance.

Originally posted on SPeye Joe (Welfarewrites):


In the last hour an article has appeared on Inside Housing to say the DWP will sanction anyone who does not work full time.

Here is the article and reproduced here as IH is now a subscription only site and you really do have to read this to believe it.  If you do not work full time you are an out and out lazy bastard who we will sanction is the DWP policy and it is YOUR fault if you do NOT work full time you scrounger.  This is incredulous and quite frankly tyrannical.

The article

work35 be sanctioned

At present the benefit cap rules mean you have to work 30 hours per week to both claim tax credits and avoid the cap if you are part of a couple or 16 hours is you are a lone parent.

What that means in reality is one member of a couple works 30…

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Tory Cuts KILL – perhaps it’s because they’re Psychologically disturbed?

Patrick Sudlow:

I agree with you Jayne, that people should vote and something I have been urging people to do for some time. Not voting only leaves the inmates in charge of the asylum and nothing will be changed. And I urge them to vote anything but Conservative or Labour.  Though here in Manchester, with our 100% Labour council, which willingly imposes the Conservatives policies.  I urge people to vote anything but Labour.  As for a democratically elected Government, in reality, with the First Past the Post electoral system, we have never had a truly democratic Government.

The We Own It campaign are not happy with Labour’s lack of support for public services.  It was a Labour Government which started privatising the National Health Service (NHS), through PFIs (Private Finance Initiatives)

We’re asking the Labour party (along with all the other parties) to do just one thing: commit to a Public Services Users Bill in their election manifesto. (1) This would be a small but important step towards public services for people not profit.

Originally posted on jaynelinney:

Yesterdays news was full of the latest findings from Institute for Fiscal Studies demonstrating  the ConDems Changes to the Tax and Benefits system has cost households £1,127 a year on average, and even the Mail concedes this means “poor families have lost the most as a percentage of their income“; and yet despite this, the Government still maintained “UK income inequality is now lower than when this Government came into office“.

I doubt anyone will be remotely surprised at the Coalition disputing the data, this is another example of how this unelected Government has persistently and systematically Lied to the people.

There been countless claims on social and even occasionally in main stream media about the number of people dying as a result of Welfare Reform, and those of us involved in any of the campaigns to raise awareness, need no persuading this is an absolute truth. The situation where respected organisations produce…

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What targets will improve the lives of children across the world?

Featured Image -- 1874

Patrick Sudlow:

Lets make 2015 a year for Global action for every Child.

Originally posted on UNICEF Connect - UNICEF BLOG:

2015 will be a year to remember: this coming September, world leaders are set to pass a new global development agenda that will replace the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). This agenda will drive action and investment in every country over the next 15 years.

The new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) aspire to be universal in scope and transformational in nature for both people and planet.

For this to happen, children must be at the heart of the new agenda and have voice in defining and implementing it. As UN Member States move towards the critical stage of negotiating the final iteration of the new framework for sustainable development, UNICEF has released a set of two-page “issue briefs” that articulate essential targets for children and future generations.

These two-pagers are intended to be a tool for Governments and other key decision-makers in the forthcoming negotiations and beyond. Using the watershed…

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17 pictures inspired from Paris March that show many can’t be fooled by hypocrisy

Patrick Sudlow:

THe clowns who flocked to the Paris march forgot a few things, one being all pro-Palestinian marches in France are banned. Free speech? France has long been a racist country and has treated it’s old colonials from North Africa atrociously.

Originally posted on In Gaza, My Gaza!:

17 pictures from the Paris March that show the world can’t be fooled by hypocrisy. These pictures show how social media activists reacted to the infamous picture from the Paris March for Freedom of Expression. Ironically, many of these leaders are accused of war crimes and/or human rights violations especially against journalists and freedom of expression.

Both Netanyahu, directly responsible for the murder of thousands of Palestinians including 17 journalists, and Mahmoud Abbas, whose security forces, while protecting Israeli occupation and settlers, continue to arrest journalists and political activists, came under fire.

1)It turned out that the world “leaders” were not leading the masses. Nor were the masses marching behind the leaders. 1) It turned out that the world “leaders” were not leading the masses. Nor were the masses marching behind the leaders.

2)Some activists added their touch to the infamous picture by adding people who should have been there too but could not due to personal circumstances such as death or massacring people. Note: missing from this picture are the Joker, Gargamel, and Bart Simpsons 2) Some activists added their touch to the infamous picture by adding people who should have been there too but could not due to personal circumstances such as death or massacring people.
Note: missing from this picture are…

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A favourable post UT bedroom tax decision and boy are councils not going to like this!!

Patrick Sudlow:

Manchester City Council is one of those councils which have not looked at the individual circumstances before applying the bed-room tax. The 100% Labour controlled council, has always been swift to carry out Conservative Government’s wishes, whilst blaming the Government. If it had carried out its duties correctly, it would not put hundreds of tenants through the trauma.

Originally posted on SPeye Joe (Welfarewrites):

A First-tier Tribunal has ruled a disputed room of 6.31 square metres – 67.93 square feet – is not a bedroom and very interestingly this is AFTER the Fife Upper Tribunal ruling AND the DWP will have one hell of a job overturning this at appeal.

The nicely detailed Decision Notice is below:



The tribunal clearly stating this is post UT in paragraph 10 above and explaining why it conforms to the reasoning in the Fife cases as to what is, and is not, a bedroom.

The judge hints at, yet perhaps cleverly does not state, that in other legislation floor space directly below a ceiling height of 8 feet is discounted in terms of room size and also makes no comment as to whether the boiler was vented to an outside wall or as to whether the boiler and immersion heater form health and safety hazards.

Rather the judge makes…

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